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Deallus Workshops: providing competitive advantage through Competitive Simulation

Competitive Simulation and scenario analysis have tangible strategic, operation and team benefits enabling you to gain a competitive advantage ahead of a move in the market either by yourself, from a competitor or if the landscape is impactfully changing, such as with FDA regulatory changes.

There are multiple drivers and scenarios for running a workshop but the main ones we’ve been involved in are to:

  • Pressure-test a strategy that has already been built to ensure it works in a competitive or changing landscape

  • Understand competitive dynamics, for example wargaming a coming or anticipated market disruption

  • Scenario planning for market uncertainty
  • Prioritise a portfolio and strategically allocate resources across a set of products

  • Set the context of a strategy if a competitor is making changes or has new product

Depth of client relationships and innovative delivery set Deallus apart

Deallus Workshops

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Our workshop specialists

  • Julie Munch Khan – Deallus Chief Commercial Officer

    Julie Munch Khan is Deallus Chief Commercial Officer, based in London.

  • Peter Barschdorff Deallus Vice President

    Peter Barschdorff is Deallus Vice President (U.S.), based in New York.

  • Jonas Pedersén, Non-Executive Director of Deallus

    Co-founder of Deallus, Jonas Pedersen is now Non-Executive Director and Strategic Advisor.

  • Eugenie Joanny Deallus Senior Principal

    Eugenie Joanny, PhD is a Deallus Senior Principal, Head of UK based in London.

“I can highly recommend working with Deallus to generate impactful and implementable strategies. The support goes beyond executing the strategy-development event and the team have shown themselves to be great supporters in strategy implementation and follow-up, critical when bringing the results of an intensive event to life.”
Director, Market Research and Competitive Insights, Pharma
“Deallus is really creative and full of outside-the-box thinkers, they have pushed us further than we have ever gone before, for a strategic project. This is related to both presentation of content and concepts they made us think about, they really made us think about different future possibilities.”
Head of CI (Global Vaccines Commercial), Global Pharma
“We were very satisfied with the output of the workshop and will definitely be repeating it next year.”
VP, Marketing, Top-20 Pharma
“You [Deallus] have been doing such an amazing job on this entire [workshop] project and we all truly appreciate it! Your leadership and attention to detail is superlative.”
Manager, Competitive Insights and MR, Pharma
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