Julie Munch Khan, PhD

Chief Commercial Officer, London

Julie is a partner and vital account leader at Deallus. She has been with Deallus for over twelve years and has provided strategic marketing support for several leading brands on both a global and regional level, with expertise spanning clinical and commercial development strategies. Julie brings extensive brand plan development and life cycle management expertise, as well as personalized healthcare approaches across numerous disease areas to the team.

What do you like about Deallus?

I think the first thing that excites me are the clients that we work with. There is always a new challenge, and decision-making is increasingly quick. In a market that is constantly evolving it’s incredibly rewarding that we at Deallus get to support our clients navigate through the unknowns.

And what drew me to Deallus in the first place was the people I work with – talented, inquisitive and driven, generating an atmosphere of collaboration, professionalism and fun. We are a life sciences specific company, so we live and breathe our client’s reality every day, which means we bring a lot of passion for the industry and a desire to drive the pharma industry to be the best that it can.

What do you consider your strengths?

I truly partner with my clients – we are together on the journey of articulating current and future realities, collaborating in defining the actions we need to drive. I have an ability to identify the trends or movements in our current world and how they’re going to shape the future, pinpointing what our clients need to be aware of, where they might need to course-correct, and what they need to be prepared for. I bring a forward-thinking analytical ability and a conviction that the work we do should enable our clients to actively shape and define the future landscape of healthcare.

Julie Munch Khan, PhD – Deallus, Chief Commercial Officer, London

Background and experience

  • 20+ years’ experience in the life sciences sector

  • 10+ years of life sciences consulting expertise

  • Proven track record in supporting value creation for pharmaceutical (top 5 pharma) and biotech clients on a corporate, portfolio, and product level

  • Broad consulting expertise, supporting clients from pre-clinical strategy development to life cycle management strategies, on product and portfolio level

  • Core expertise within strategic marketing

Therapy area expertise

  • Neuroscience & neurology

  • Alzheimer’s

  • Pain

  • MS

  • Vaccines

  • Rare Diseases

Deallus London Office

Authored insight

CARe To Understand What Will Shape CAR T’s Future?

CAR T-cell therapies space is complex, highly competitive, and quickly evolving. Add the pandemic to the mix and the logistical, reimbursement, and pricing landscape grows even more complicated. In this in-depth paper we research the current state of CAR T-cell therapies and speculate on the factors currently making the largest impact - China, Commercialization, and COVID-19. Read more for a comprehensive, well-researched take on the space.

COVID-19 – tracking the fast-moving landscape

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact patients, healthcare systems, and global economic outlooks, we focus on the key considerations and strategies for pharma companies when the data generation for possible therapies is becoming increasingly complex to analyze. There are several COVID-19 treatment and vaccine databases containing an aggregation of publicly-available information from validated sources detailing treatments and vaccines currently in development.

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