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PharmaCI Europe 2023

20-21 September 2023
Newark, NJ

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13-14 September 2023
Basel, Switzerland

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26-28 November 2023
Berlin, Germany

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Deallus Virtual Workshop on Competitive Insight at EyeforPharma 2020

September 3rd, 2020|

What is a ‘competitive insight’? How do you make it actionable? These were the two key questions we focused on at EyeForPharma. Competitive Insights are the secret sauce that generate Competitive Advantage from Strategic Intelligence and point to opportunities of impact where it matters most. We offered participants a compressed but unique hands-on experience of generating competitive insights and focused on understanding how to make them truly actionable.

Deallus Keynote at Pharma CiMi.CON EU 2019

October 16th, 2019|

Jonas gives a keynote speech that delves into the importance of strategic intelligence for pharma given today’s dynamic and disruptive marketplace. He explores how competitive and strategic intelligence are related, how to build more strategically focused engagements, and how to help decision makers realize the value in strategic partnerships with their intelligence teams.