Jonas Pedersen, PhD, MBA

Non-Executive Director & Strategic Advisor

Over his career, Jonas has facilitated over 120 strategic workshops such as war games and scenario analysis events and is experienced in all facets of the strategy consulting mix. He has provided advice to many of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical organisations across a range of sectors and is a recognised speaker at business schools as well as numerous pharmaceutical conventions and forums, most recently serving as the keynote speaker during the esteemed and PharmaCiMi conferences. In addition to his role at Deallus, Jonas is on the Board of Directors of Isofol Medical AB.

What excites you about Deallus?

What excites me the most is definitely the people. I think we have been able to attract some really fantastic people who are both curious and smart, but who still love to have fun. What I like about Deallus as a company is that we’ve managed to stay at the forefront of how CI is evolving; we are the ones driving the discussion around being more strategic, how to deal with the broader dynamics of the competitive environment etc.

I also think that we are clearly setting the pace for the industry, so to speak, in terms of what can you expect from a premium service provider. The third thing that excites me is our global reach – we’ve created a diverse team both in terms of culture and experience, which means we get a rich mix of perspectives and insights in one place. I’ve personally benefitted from this and I think a lot of our clients have as well.

Background and experience

  • Co-founder of Deallus

  • 20+ years industry experience

  • Extensive expertise in building CI functions on a regional and global scale

Jonas Pedersen, PhD – Deallus Executive Advisor
Deallus Global

Life outside of work

Family is hugely important to me. I often make the joke that I have my Deallus family and my family-family, actually! Outside of that, I enjoy staying fit and being in nature, whether we’re skiing (with my actual family) in winter or taking our boat out to go swimming and fishing in the summer in the archipelago.

Authored insight

Deallus Keynote at Pharma CiMi.CON EU 2019

Jonas gives a keynote speech that delves into the importance of strategic intelligence for pharma given today’s dynamic and disruptive marketplace. He explores how competitive and strategic intelligence are related, how to build more strategically focused engagements, and how to help decision makers realize the value in strategic partnerships with their intelligence teams.

Disruption has hit pharma

Strategic intelligence for a fiercely competitive marketplace. In the pharmaceutical industry, change has long been known as the only constant. But the last few years have seen the industry challenged and reshaped by drastic internal disruption and external paradigm shifts. Deallus look at key changes in the pharma landscape through the lens of strategic intelligence, and considers how this powerful tool can help pharma stakeholders grasp the full picture of the competitive environment they intend to enter.

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