Therapy Area, Brand and Early Commercial Strategy

With the backdrop of multiple headwinds impacting the pharmaceutical industry, Deallus’ Therapy Area, Brand and Early Commercial Strategy offerings ensure that our clients focus on the right opportunities with the right strategies in order to win in their respective markets.

We have successfully supported a range of big and emerging pharma clients on understanding where to play and how to win across multiple disease areas, such as rare, cardiovascular, and renal diseases.

We use industry leading insight to define key issues for therapy area, commercial and brand teams, helping them to build focused strategies to drive success.

Our CI heritage and deep therapy area knowledge of dynamic, competitive markets and complex disease areas is at the heart of everything we do.

Unique Insight

Proven CI methods

Industry-leading customer insight and market understanding

Deep TA

Over 35% with PhDs
and ~80 consultants
across all major TAs

Strategic Intelligence


A senior team, highly experienced in brand strategy development

Focused strategy
with clear objectives
that address the drivers and barriers
for the brand

We support clients across therapy area, brand, and commercial strategy.

Everything we deliver for clients is built on deep understanding of dynamic, complex markets with our industry-leading CI methodologies providing the foundation for an experienced, senior team to optimise the value of brands.

Therapy Area

Optimises the value of a portfolio or asset via the multi-perspective analysis of the size, value and nature of one or more opportunities


Provides deep insight and understanding of the market, unmet needs, value drivers, evidence needs and customer behaviours to identify key issues for the brand

Positioning &

Provides clear definition of who the product is for, the unique differentiated value it brings, and the reasons to believe


Defines the critical belief or behaviour changes needed for the brand to achieve its objectives

Deallus is the partner of choice for therapy area, brand, and commercial strategy.

Tried and tested
portfolio optimisation

  • Deallus has delivered many TA and portfolio strategy and optimisation projects, using tried and tested
  • Deallus’ commercial strategy consultants have rich experience developing analyses and scoring methodologies to assess and prioritise opportunities and assets

Highly experienced
commercial strategy

  • Our team of senior consultants have deep experience leading brand and portfolio strategy engagements
  • Using in-depth TA knowledge to build focused market landscapes, we define drivers and barriers for brands and portfolios
  • We then help with a range of strategy needs, from differentiation and positioning to strategic imperatives

Wealth of experience in
designing and facilitating
strategy workshops

  • Deallus has a 20-year heritage of designing and facilitating cross-functional strategy workshops
  • We deliver ~30 workshops every year and our senior facilitators each have >10 years of experience delivering workshops
  • Our senior facilitators use a variety of techniques and tools to ensure the workshops are not only engaging but also deliver the required impact

Our expert team leaders

Our expert team is led by Stephen Small and Kevin Bibby both of whom have vast experience developing brand and portfolio strategies with cross-functional stakeholders.

  • Stephen Small is a Deallus Senior Principal based in London

  • Kevin Bibby is a Deallus Senior Principal based in London

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