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*Company and drug names have been changed for confidentiality purposes in each case study.
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This case study explores a launch scenario in which we put a unique spin on the traditional competitive simulation approach for our client. Client X* was a small biotech firm with an asset that had completed Phase 3 development and was in the Pre-NDA submission stage. However, our client’s asset was predicted to launch approximately three to six months after a competitor’s asset.

Their asset was in the hematology disease area, which hadn’t seen an approved product in decades, and was on an accelerated approval pathway about one year from launch. Their competitor was a big pharma company, Z-Pharma, also with an asset out of Phase 3 development and a few months ahead of Client X in the Pre-NDA submission stage. Whilst these two assets had different RoAs and MoAs, our client was facing a situation in which two products were to be approved for the same disease area within a very short window, and our client’s asset would be the 2nd to market.

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The client, PharmaA*, was a small-to medium-sized pharmaceutical company. PharmaA had a limited development pipeline and was in the process of launching their first product, an orphan drug, AX, for treating a rare disease.

The drug was the first and only approved therapy for the indication in Europe and Canada and was pending approval in the US. AX was already commercially available in a few European countries and PharmaA was preparing to launch in the remaining European markets. Being the only available treatment currently in the market, AX had high revenue potential.

PharmaA planned to sequentially launch AX in the remaining European markets. However, they were a relatively small organisation with no prior knowledge of the competitive environment, and no standardised launch planning process or procedures. The client engaged Deallus to help them understand their competitive landscape, streamline launch efforts across all European markets, and stress test and revise their launch planning strategies into the new markets.

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The client, PharmaA*, was a medium-sized pharmaceutical company with a market cap of £3 billion. The client was interested in launching an antibiotic asset, AX, for treating pathogens with limited treatment options in Central and Southern Europe, as well as the Middle East.

AX is a particularly strong candidate for commercialisation due to its novelty in tackling multi-resistant antibiotic pathogens and the extremely high unmet demands in the targeted regions.

The client engaged Deallus to work with their business intelligence manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to evaluate the commercial value of the asset and to advise on the best route to commercialisation (i.e. whether to operate in those regions, and if yes, how best to go about it).