Peter Barschdorff

Vice President (U.S.), New York

Peter has extensive expertise in the US pharmaceutical market, with two decades of US and global business experience in both management consulting and corporate executive positions. Originally educated in the social sciences, Peter has held leadership positions in a number of management consulting organizations and has built innovative enterprise capabilities in commercial pharma. Prior to focusing on the pharmaceutical industry, he trained at the European Union and at NATO, and completed a PhD in Political Sciences. He also holds an MBA from Columbia University.

What brought you to Deallus?

After ten or so years of management consulting, I went into industry and built a strong consulting team with a large footprint in the US but with a lot of responsibility in Asia-Pacific as well. Then, I was in industry for many years in different positions, both global and US, and I kept hearing “Peter, you still think and operate like a consultant.” I tried to parse through the dimensions of this comment – I thought about my career and what really motivates and energizes me, and I came to the conclusion that consulting is an exciting place to be. The corporate side has fantastic challenges as well, but some elements of consulting really resonate with me – innovation, pushing the frontier, and seeing across different practices and ways of working to find success are a few. So I went from B2B to B2C – Back To Consulting!

What do you like about Deallus?

Deallus, being a consulting firm really focused on the life sciences industry, has a strong presence in all major pharma markets around the world, a highly credentialed team, and top-notch capabilities. In addition, their depth of therapeutic area knowledge and expertise, and their strong core in competitive intelligence, are extremely impressive.

Peter Barschdorff - Vice President, New York
Deallus Shanghai Office

Life outside of work

I am married and have three kids, and honestly, as long as the kids are at home, it’s just great fun to hang out and play with them. When I say play, that’s sometimes board games, but it’s also instruments. My son plays piano, as have I for many, many years, and my daughter plays the violin. My family also enjoys visiting museums and we travel quite a bit as well.

Authored insight

CARe To Understand What Will Shape CAR T’s Future?

CAR T-cell therapies space is complex, highly competitive, and quickly evolving. Add the pandemic to the mix and the logistical, reimbursement, and pricing landscape grows even more complicated. In this in-depth paper we research the current state of CAR T-cell therapies and speculate on the factors currently making the largest impact - China, Commercialization, and COVID-19. Read more for a comprehensive, well-researched take on the space.

Deallus Virtual Workshop on Competitive Insight at EyeforPharma 2020

What is a ‘competitive insight’? How do you make it actionable? These were the two key questions we focused on at EyeForPharma. Competitive Insights are the secret sauce that generate Competitive Advantage from Strategic Intelligence and point to opportunities of impact where it matters most. We offered participants a compressed but unique hands-on experience of generating competitive insights and focused on understanding how to make them truly actionable.

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