Deallus Workshops: providing competitive advantage through Competitive Simulation

Competitive Simulation, also known as Competitive Strategy or ‘Wargaming’ workshops, account for roughly 85% of the workshops that Deallus run.

As the name suggests, the practice of ‘Wargaming’ originates from the military. One of the founders of Deallus came from a military background and brought with him key knowledge and useful approaches that can be applied to commercial companies operating in a competitive environment.

Wargaming isn’t just for the competitive and corporate landscape. As the name suggests, its heritage comes from the combat arena where countries and troops have attributed the strategic approach to a successful defence. There is much we can learn and apply to our business strategy.

Why choose Deallus to run your workshop?

We have developed a detailed and comprehensive workshop playbook that ensures our teams are well-prepared and well-versed with a set of tools ready to run your sessions. This, combined with in-depth sector and client knowledge, allows us to develop bespoke elements that truly reflect your needs, challenges, and opportunities.

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