Providing knowledge and clarity to make the right strategic decisions

Deallus is a Celtic word meaning ‘intelligent’, ‘understanding’ and ‘wise’

These qualities underpin the strategic intelligence we provide, enabling you to make the right decisions and gain distinct competitive advantages in increasingly complex and dynamic marketplaces.

Since our inception as a competitive intelligence provider we have grown and developed our offerings to include strategic guidance and partnership.

Deallus is a Celtic word meaning ‘intelligent’, ‘understanding’ and ‘wise’

Strategic Intelligence. Competitive Advantage.

The term strategic intelligence, common in military circles, refers to the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence to equip leaders to be effective strategists.

We bring strategic intelligence to the life sciences sector by providing clients with the knowledge and clarity they need to make the right strategic decisions in order to gain distinct competitive advantages.

Strategic Intelligence. Competitive Advantage.

Our global presence

With six offices across four continents, and over 25 languages spoken, we are able to offer global support as well as work as one global team, collaborating and sharing our expertise across geographies.

Featured Dealli

Gloria Kwon Deallus Senior Principal

Gloria Kwon

Senior Principal, Los Angeles

Jesper Nissen Deallus Principal, London

Jesper Nissen

Senior Principal, London

Lisa Kent Deallus Senior Associate

Lisa Kent

Consultant, London

Phoebe Lam Deallus Consultant

Phoebe Lam

Consultant, Tokyo

Meet more of our team

“Deallus was appointed to help us create a market access strategy when we were planning to enter a number of key emerging markets. The insights and analysis they provided equipped us with an in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape, key stakeholders, pricing, and patient flow. On top of this they conceived an invaluable strategic roadmap for entry into each market. Deallus’ contribution was certainly outstanding as they helped us successfully drive access and uptake globally.”

Director of Global Market Access, Top 20 pharma company