Philip Hart, PhD

Vice President, New York

What do you like about Deallus?

The opportunity to learn from folks at every level of our organization is something I’ve really enjoyed at Deallus. I always feel there are open ears for good ideas, and there is great freedom for you as an individual to use your time wisely.

First and foremost, for client work, but – if you’re efficient – then you can also get involved in optimizing our process. This is at every level in our organization, and in areas that match your interest and skillset. And, while a company can always stand to recognize its people more, I think we do a good job of recognizing those who do get involved with the bones of our business and contribute growth both within and outside of their work with clients.

Beyond that, I feel like we have the wonderful ability to talk to market stakeholders in ways that pharmaceutical companies simply can’t. Through this mandate – primary research – we get profoundly interesting exposures to industry experts with cutting-edge perspectives. That is exceptionally rewarding.


Communicating with impact. I’m skilled at boiling down information to what people absolutely need to know and keeping them engaged. I take a lot of pride in delivery of insight – whether that’s verbal, visual, or written. I’m motivated by producing high-quality outcomes and the delight that this brings to clients. If I can knock someone’s socks off because what I’ve produced for them is better than what they’ve ever seen before, then I feel successful.

Philip Hart, Deallus Principal, New York

Background and experience

  • Nearly 10 years life science consulting experience, with past lives in market access, health economics, and value communications

  • Worked with 13 of the top 20 pharma companies by 2019 revenue

  • Extensive experience across EU and US markets

Therapy area expertise

  • Cell and gene therapy – including CAR T

  • Hematology and oncology

  • Microbiome

  • Hemophilia

  • Vaccines

  • Non-biologic complex drugs

  • Anemia

  • Pain

  • Compounding pharmacy

Deallus New York

Authored insight

CARe To Understand What Will Shape CAR T’s Future?

CAR T-cell therapies space is complex, highly competitive, and quickly evolving. Add the pandemic to the mix and the logistical, reimbursement, and pricing landscape grows even more complicated. In this in-depth paper we research the current state of CAR T-cell therapies and speculate on the factors currently making the largest impact - China, Commercialization, and COVID-19. Read more for a comprehensive, well-researched take on the space.

Deallus Virtual Workshop on Competitive Insight at EyeforPharma 2020

What is a ‘competitive insight’? How do you make it actionable? These were the two key questions we focused on at EyeForPharma. Competitive Insights are the secret sauce that generate Competitive Advantage from Strategic Intelligence and point to opportunities of impact where it matters most. We offered participants a compressed but unique hands-on experience of generating competitive insights and focused on understanding how to make them truly actionable.

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