Kunal Srivastava

Managing Director and Country Head of India
Executive Leading our Tech and AI Strategy

Kunal has over 17 years of experience in leadership, strategic consulting, and client advisory within life sciences and healthcare, with a deep understanding of the requirements of a product/asset development from early pipeline to market launch phase. His extensive experience in therapeutic areas, strategic consulting, CI, HTA and reimbursement, and management allows him to be extremely sensitive to quality ensuring value maximisation for clients’ objectives and assets.

Kunal has successfully set up and managing the Indian operations of Deallus since 2022. Kunal is leading a diverse team of CI consulting and other functions as part of Indian operations. Kunal’s diverse experience in overall patient journey and asset management from CI and Market Access perspectives allows him to help clients solve their objectives with a broader interconnected approaches avoiding the pitfalls of a silo approach. Kunal is also responsible for Deallus’ Tech/AI initiatives, innovation, and knowledge management in his global Executive Leadership role.

Kunal’s stint of successfully setting up, heading, and running global evidence evaluation practice within HEOR and Market Access space from India and heading Indian operations provides him with the organizational leadership, business, and management skills relevant in today’s landscape of mentoring and managing world-class talent in a niche and competitive market.

Kunal’s ability of combining business knowledge with leading science and innovation standards allows him to act as a partner of clients and offer advice and services that not only serve immediate objectives but are delivered with long-term strategies, pipelines, assets, and objectives in mind.

Kunal’s experience as a global executive and board member working collaboratively with all business functions in his previous organization enables him to understand the business requirements, functioning and expectations of business and teams based in various geographies and enables him to effectively contribute to the overall growth strategy of Deallus as an executive and member of the core leadership team.

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  • 17+ years of life science consulting, leadership, advisory, and client partnerships

  • Strategic Advisor on broader CI/strategy consulting projects

  • Widely recognised by clients and peers as a key thought and opinion leader within the Health Economic and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Market Access space and has a number of international publications

  • Experienced in CI, Evidence Evaluation practice, Market Access, Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) and HTA submissions and HEOR

  • Deep experience in Executive positions and deep understanding of managing and leading businesses, member of executive leadership teams and member of board

  • Prior to Deallus, Kunal was Chief Practice Officer (member of the Board) and Country Head at BresMed (now Lumanity), a leading Market Access consultancy responsible for the India operations and Evidence Evaluation practice

  • Masters’ degree in Pharmacy from the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research and Management Certification from Cranfield University UK

Therapy area expertise

  • Oncology
  • Mental health disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Rare diseases, pain and orphan disorders
Deallus India

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