Deallus Virtual Workshop on Competitive Insight at EyeforPharma 2020

Facilitated by Peter Barschdorff, Philip Hart, Gloria Kwon and Jack Florio

Realizing your R&D and strategic marketing objectives through competitive insights

What is a ‘competitive insight’? How do you make it actionable? These were the two key questions we focused on at EyeForPharma Philadelphia’s Virtual Workshop Week. Competitive Insights are the secret sauce that generate Competitive Advantage from Strategic Intelligence and point to opportunities of impact where it matters most. We offered participants a compressed but unique hands-on experience of generating competitive insights and focused on understanding how to make them truly actionable.

Watch our video below to listen to what C.I. leader Philip Hart, Biotech executive Jack Florio, commercial strategist Gloria Kwon, and U.S. VP Peter Barschdorff had to say on how to leverage strategic intelligence for competitive advantage.

eyeforpharma Conference 2020