Pete Hempshall, MEng

Chief Executive Officer, London

Pete, a senior executive with over 15 years of consulting and leadership experience in the healthcare sector, is the CEO of Deallus. As a consultant, Pete has worked with numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop and support their market access and commercial strategies. During his time as leader of several healthcare consulting businesses, Pete became adept at identifying ways to better serve his clients either by enhancing current services or introducing new offerings to best meet his clients’ needs in every changing environment.

What do you consider your strengths?

Seeing my teams develop. Our consultants are the heart and soul of our business, and they’re the ones bringing value to our clients directly. This group is a really strong and passionate team and I’m motivated to be their catalyst, identifying opportunities and optimizing our ability to support our clients as best as we can.

But overall, I get a buzz out of seeing my teams grow, and that applies to teams within the business and to the entire business itself. I get to forge meaningful relationships with the people I work with, and I get a lot of value from this.

Pete Hempshall, Deallus Chief Executive Officer, London

Background and experience

  • 17+ years experience in the life sciences sector

  • 10+ years leading healthcare consultancies in specialty areas including Strategic Intelligence, Pricing, Market Access, Health Economics and Outcomes Research

  • Extensive expertise in supporting clients’ commercial and market access strategies

Deallus London Office

Life outside of work

I’ve got two young boys who keep my hands pretty full. We live out in the country amongst various animals and I love the retreat that that lifestyle offers me. It’s nice to get out of the hubbub of London and spend time with my family.

Authored insight

Episode 2: Leading in a crisis

Join Peter Hempshall, Deallus CEO, and Rita Numerof, President of Numerof & Associates for Episode 2 of their discussion series - Leading in a crisis. This episode will explore topics around how leaders can manage effectively during a crisis and continue to deliver value for their customers, their organizations, and for themselves. Any business leader eager to explore tactics, best practices, and learning experiences gained from leading in times of uncertainty will find value in this episode.

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