Deliver your purpose through supporting others

MARCH 29, 2022

MenKus & Associates is a consulting and CEO advisory firm that helps leaders fully activate their organisation’s potential to succeed. In this episode, Pete Hempshall, CEO of Deallus joins Belden Menkus on the Purposeful Strategist podcast.

Pete describes how his personal purpose relates to his organisation’s purpose and how they both are delivered through supporting their clients. He also talks about the benefits he finds as a CEO of being an introvert and how their purpose helped them navigate the disruptions of Covid.

Pete has 20 years’ experience working in and leading life science strategy consultancies. His field of expertise is Pricing, Market Access, and Commercial Strategy. During his consulting career, Pete has supported numerous pharmaceutical companies to optimize their commercial and clinical strategies with the ultimate goal of advancing healthcare and improving patients’ lives.

Pete has worked in various businesses, including IQVIA, and has had executive leadership appointments at Decision Resources Group, PAREXEL, and HERON prior to leading Deallus.

He holds a Master’s degree in Medical Engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK) and is currently based in London.

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