Ulrike Meier, MBA


What do you bring to Deallus and clients that is unique?

Having been in consulting for three decades now, with a very dynamic portfolio of clients, I think I have a good sense of what it takes to really serve your client. So, I very much enjoy passing this knowledge on and training the Deallus staff on building client relationships and eventually managing by influence.

I also play a role in creating an environment within Deallus where consultants feel they can grow and shape their personal development. I love to help people shift their mindsets and open up to new learnings. The principle of ‘ownership’ is key to this: owning what you do at Deallus has a real impact on motivation, and directly reflects on how you interact with your client. I love hearing the success stories when all of this has ‘clicked’ for them, so to speak.

Ulrike Meier Deallus Partner

Background and experience

  • 20+ years consulting in Strategic and Operations, including five years at McKinsey working across pharmaceutical and media industries

  • Founding member and lecturer, Hamburg Media School

  • Founder and CEO, Meier Consulting

  • Drives non-profit engagements in homeless and refugee work locally (Berlin)

Deallus Global

Life outside of work

I’m a giver by nature and I spend much of my time with people who I believe I can help. On one day I will accompany a refugee woman to her legal hearing to give her emotional support. On another I will help writing a meaningful resume for an unaccompanied minor in search of an apprenticeship. In winter, I manage a homeless shelter… It is all about putting my strengths at the service of the needy. And I benefit from it, too – meeting people with such diverse backgrounds helps me keep a realistic and humble perspective on life.

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