Michael Joseph, MBIOT & BS

Senior Consultant, New York

Michael is a Senior Consultant at Deallus, joining the team in November 2021. Michael has 3+ years of experience in life science consulting, involving competitive monitoring, workshops and landscape assessments. While Michael has worked in various TAs, his primary focus has been oncology, which is largely driven by his personal passion. Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Master’s from the University of Pennsylvania.

Within a few years in the industry, Michael established himself as a specialist in competitive intelligence and enjoys imparting the knowledge to those around him, clients and colleagues alike.

Michael has led engagements for companies in different stages of development – from top-tier pharmaceutical companies with multiple indication blockbuster drugs to biotechs with preclinical stage assets. Over the years, Michael has maintained successful multi-year engagements involving teams in the US, EU and APAC regions in addition to being instrumental in winning new projects for his key account.

What do you consider your strengths?

I have several years of experience in competitive intelligence, brand strategy, competitive simulation workshops for clients largely in the oncology space. My focus on this TA meant that I have considerable background knowledge in the various tumor types, their standard of care and market catalysts.

My love for science pushes me to employ a hands-on approach, assisting with research at times and I try to provide an educational experience for the people I collaborate with. I value creativity, both in problem-solving and slide-making, as I believe that the presentation of insights is as important as the information itself.

Background and experience

  • 3.5+ years in competitive intelligence and workshops
  • Multi-year engagements with some of the leading brands in pharma
  • Entrepreneurial with a passion for start-ups
  • Fluent in multiple languages

Therapy area expertise

  • Oncology
  • Rare Diseases
Deallus New York

Life outside of work

I watch documentaries to learn history and how things work outside of life sciences. I also find time to study different languages to maintain their fluency. When I’m not traveling for conferences, you can find me traveling for concerts and games.

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