Jesper Nissen, PhD

Vice President, London

Jesper is a Deallus Vice President who has led a wide range of projects over his 9+ years at Deallus. He offers extensive experience in competitive landscape monitoring, manufacturing and diagnostics technology assessments, and global positioning and brand planning projects. His expertise covers several therapy areas including oncology, respiratory, rheumatology and rare diseases. Additionally, Jesper is leading internal and external training activities including engagements on competitive readiness best practices within the pharmaceutical industry.


I see my role as ensuring that we fully understand and appreciate the client’s challenges and their needs. From there, I make sure that those are translated into the research approaches we use, the team structures we form, and every other element of problem-solving we undertake for the client.

So, it’s bridge-building between the client’s needs and what we deliver to ensure full alignment, essentially. I’ve also gained a lot of experience with analysing and assessing a multitude of situations, so at this point I’m fairly well versed in parsing out what certain signals mean and what the intentions of various competitors might be when they undergo certain activities. And lastly, I’ve become skilled at serving as a constructive sounding board with clients – I make sure to ask the right questions and dig a bit deeper into what they are asking of us, to ensure that we’re aiming this project in the right direction, operating under the right assumptions, and will produce something that creates meaningful value.

Jesper Nissen, Deallus Principal, London

Background and experience

  • 7+ years of life sciences consulting experience

  • One year leading a biotech start-up

  • Extensive experience creating long-lasting strategic partnerships with top 5 pharma, helping to structure and grow clients’ CI capabilities

  • Has worked across several biotechs supporting launch planning and optimization

Therapy area expertise

  • Immuno-oncology

  • Vaccines

  • Respiratory

  • Infectious diseases

  • Diagnostics

  • Personalized healthcare

Deallus London Office

Life outside of work

I have a family, so my two small boys take up most of my time outside of work. Beyond that I still have a strong passion for staying active, which I tend to do through practicing martial arts. And I love strategic games, which these days usually take the form of a group poker game.

Authored insight

The Three A’s of Launch Readiness

Drug launch failures happen more frequently than pharma companies care to admit. Anticipate, Adapt and Align - the three A’s of successful pharma launch strategy. To understand and implement them requires strategic vision, a holistic understanding of every vagary of the marketplace, and a forthright and ruthlessly honest assessment of both the product being launched and the competitive space it is meant to occupy.

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