George Gu, MD & MBA

Principal and Head of China, Shanghai

George assumes the position of Principal and Head of China, where he focuses on leading the China team, developing value for healthcare companies in the Chinese market, and addressing the needs of global multinational healthcare companies, particularly within the Chinese market.

With a medical doctor background and licensure by the Chinese Ministry of Health (MOH), George brings over 25 years of experience from multinational pharmaceutical, medical device companies, and consulting firms, including Astrazeneca, Astellas, Wyeth, Roche Diagnostic, Eli Lilly, and more. His expertise spans across various therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Diabetes, Immunology, Surgery, Genetic Testing, Anti-infective, Cardiovascular, Pain Management, Osteoporosis & Respiratory, with functional proficiency in areas such as Pricing & Market Access (P&MA), New Product Launch Campaigns, Portfolio Management, Commercial Excellence, Digital Transformation, Innovative Marketing, and Medical Leadership.

As a principal consultant, George has successfully led numerous projects and workshops related to China market access. His accomplishments include developing post-VBP (Value-Based Pricing) commercial strategies, devising marketing strategies to address upcoming VBP challenges by engaging with over 100 hospital presidents and pharmacist-in-chiefs, negotiating pricing strategies for newly launched products with NRDL (National Reimbursement Drug List) officials, and implementing hospital listing acceleration strategies for over 400 hospitals after successful NRDL negotiations, among others.

George has led projects for prominent healthcare players such as Roche, Pfizer, MSD, Astrazeneca, GSK, BMS, Abbvie, Galderma, Merck, Sanofi, UCB, Illumina, Themo Fisher, Servier, Carl Storze, BI, Sumitomo, Abbott, Epsen, Kyowa Kirin, and more.

Furthermore, George has obtained certification in program training from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for Hospital Management and Medical Leadership. He holds a Master’s degree in International MBA from Hong Kong University and a clinical medicine degree from Fu Dan University Medical School.

What do you consider your strengths?

I possess a comprehensive 3D-dimensional perspective when it comes to designing and executing projects for clients, taking into account the viewpoints of clinicians, industry experts, and consulting firm principals. My background encompasses more than just being a licensed medical doctor; I also bring a wealth of experience as a consultant within multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Throughout my career, I have been involved in various roles including clinical research, sales management, marketing, new product launches, and market access, among others.

George Gu, MD & MBA, Deallus Principal and Head of China, Shanghai

Background and experience

  • 25+ years in life science industry including clinical medicine, pharma & medical device and consulting industry

  • Expertise in consulting for China pharma market access, new product launch excellence, patient journey-based marketing strategy and etc.

  • Focuses on leading the China consultant team, developing value for healthcare companies in the Chinese market, and addressing the needs of global multinational healthcare companies, particularly in China

Deallus Shanghai Office

Life outside of work

I am an enthusiastic amateur soccer player who finds great joy in the sport. Additionally, I have a passion for traveling, with Kyoto being one of my favorite destinations. I am particularly fascinated by the rich Chinese history that can be discovered there.

Furthermore, I have obtained several international certifications in leadership, coaching, and facilitation. Some of these certifications include DDI (Development Dimensions International), WIAL (World Institute for Action Learning), DISC, Persona, iGENOS, and more. These certifications have equipped me with valuable skills and expertise in various aspects of leadership, coaching, and facilitation.

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