Dario Ceric, PhD

Principal, Los Angeles

What do you like about Deallus?

I had worked for some bigger companies before and once I joined Deallus I really saw how the smaller environment was much more suitable for my personality and my aspirations. I like that you have more opportunities to progress, and I had actual examples that I saw every day of people who had joined Deallus a few years before me and were successfully progressing at the pace that I wanted for myself.

For me, that was very stimulating, seeing that if you put in the work and do a good job you can have meaningful career advancements relatively quickly.


What I aim for with my clients is often a strong relationship, based on trust. I put the effort in to build and earn that over time. I try to understand the client and the person I’m dealing with and get to know their preference that they have in terms of a working relationship, and then I build on that. But it’s always built on the core fundamentals of good work, trust and collaboration really. Those are the skills I try to cultivate.

Dario Ceric, Deallus Senior Manager, London

Background and experience

  • 6+ years with Deallus

  • Strong experience across UK and EU markets

  • Fluent in Swedish, Serbian and Bosnian; conversational Spanish

Therapy area expertise

  • Vaccines

  • Neuroscience

  • Anti-infectives and anti-biotics

  • Oncology

Deallus Shanghai Office

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