Competitive Simulation Strategy: An Innovative Approach – Case Study

This case study explores a launch scenario in which we put a unique spin on the traditional competitive simulation approach for our client. Client X* was a small biotech firm with an asset that had completed Phase 3 development and was in the Pre-NDA submission stage. However, our client’s asset was predicted to launch approximately three to six months after a competitor’s asset.

*Company and drug names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.

Our client was a small, nimble biotech eager to explore their main competitor’s impending launch plan and assess how to counteract it. However, due to company size, resource, and strategic focus, they were eager to approach this exploration in a way that minimized internal work and leveraged the capabilities our partnership offered. We utilized an innovative approach that allowed our client to focus on what mattered most – building a robust, pressure-tested launch plan informed by a deep understanding of competitor strategies and tactics.

Their competitor was a big pharma company, Z-Pharma, also with an asset out of Phase 3 development and a few months ahead of Client X in the Pre-NDA submission stage. Whilst these two assets had different RoAs and MoAs, our client was facing a situation in which two products were to be approved for the same disease area within a very short window, and our client’s asset would be the 2nd to market.

Client X was facing a major pharma player in a highly lucrative and rare disease space. They wanted to ensure that they had a chance to analyze Z-Pharma’s launch plan and its plans for targeting their own product, but they did not have the time to conduct a cross-functional, traditional workshop. They came to us to discuss their goals  and assess the most strategic  way forward.

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