Opportunity and Threat Assessment

As markets become ever more complex and competition increases, the ability to properly assess opportunities and threats by truly understanding and exploiting the strategic intent of competitors is becoming more important than ever.

The service provided by Deallus strengthens your competitive strategy by revealing the hidden opportunities that exist behind market threats.

Deallus Market landscape assessment

Market landscape assessment

Therapy area landscaping to understand market dynamics and identify emerging technology and products

Deallus Treatment drivers exploration

Treatment drivers exploration

Mapping treatment decision drivers and how they change over time

Deallus Decision framework development

Decision framework development

Creating decision frameworks to cultivate tangible action plans for opportunities and threats

Deallus Product profile analysis

Product profile analysis

Developing a product profile founded upon a deep understanding of product value, positioning and patient segmentation

Competitor evaluation

Evaluating competitors based on enhanced awareness of commercial capabilities, behaviour, positioning, and R&D progressions

Deallus Market asset attractiveness

Market/asset attractiveness

Considering attractiveness for indication prioritisation, entry, and expansion