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Deallus Keynote at Pharma CiMi.CON EU 2019

Jonas gives a keynote speech that delves into the importance of strategic intelligence for pharma given today’s dynamic and disruptive marketplace. He explores how competitive and strategic intelligence are related, how to build more strategically focused engagements, and how to help decision makers realize the value in strategic partnerships with their intelligence teams.

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Gene therapy through different lenses

After decades of clinical research and numerous setbacks, the promise of gene therapy is now much more than a glimmering hope on the horizon. Gene therapy is poised to revolutionize medicine as it presents the opportunity to remove or change the content of an individual’s genetic code in order to potentially treat or cure disease. We explore gene therapy from a few different lenses to give a full picture of where this innovation currently stands.

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Head to head trials in elbow to elbow markets

Head to head trials are proving to be a powerful mechanism for the testing of competitive medicines. A tactic for those already on the market who are eager to expand their market share, it offers the promise of considerable commercial advantage. We explore what needs to be known about head to head trials, and how they might be put to use for products operating in a saturated, competitive market.

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Deallus excited to announce Peter Hempshall as new CEO

Deallus excited to announce Peter Hempshall as new CEO Peter is a senior executive with over fifteen years of consulting and leadership experience in the healthcare sector. Prior to Deallus, Peter worked in senior roles within companies such as Decision Resources Group, PAREXEL and IMS Consulting (now IQVIA). As a consultant, he has worked with numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop and support their market access and commercial strategies. And as a leader of several healthcare consulting businesses, Peter is adept at identifying ways to better serve his clients, either by enhancing current services [...]

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