A message from our Chairwoman

I have chaired the Deallus Board for 4 years now, and it therefore feels like a good time to reflect.
Even if removed from daily business, as leader and Chairwoman,there is room to make a difference:

Be motivational:

It is about the people, not only as a group of professionals but about every single individual wanting to grow confidently. As a leader I need to spot where there is disengagement, unease, or concern and to address this in a pragmatic and proactive way. There may not be an immediate or visible payback, but being a caring, challenging, and supportive leader will help with the “stickiness” of everyone who works here.

Set standards:

My role as Chairwoman is certainly not about bulldozing the leadership group, nor preaching to the converted about the many insights I have collected along my professional path. The focus instead is on recognizing patterns and topics which call for new standards to be set. By listening closely and giving actionable advice, in conveying what needs to be changed, and providing a good balance between being clear and directive while empowering and encouraging ownership for what is to come, we can all contribute to our individual and collective success. I am always grateful for the cooperation I see and experience from the Deallus Academy, implementing and embedding meaningful policies, or CSR initiatives and beyond!

Keep out of the weeds:

I am still learning to be “positively indifferent”. Deallus can be rightly proud of the broad and deep expertise of its consultants, especially in competitive and strategic intelligence. And while I want to make sure that all hands are on deck and all opportunities identified and addressed, my broad-brush approach as Chairwoman will not help grab the nettle here.

Mind the gap:

When dealing with the unavoidable unpredictability of business these days, never ever throw others under the bus! Look for the facts, interpret them, practice empathy, and come up with a plan to close that gap. Allow iterations. Drumming up new business under pressure is a meaningful skill to be learnt. Measured not complacent optimism should be the general mindset.

As Deallus celebrates its 20 years, the brand is the strongest it has ever been. We have an excellent #leadership team under the guidance of @PeterSHempshall giving just the right level of direction. And thank you #archimed for leading the way.