Brand Decision Making

When operating in markets that are especially complicated or where competition is fierce, there is often a need to go beyond our Opportunity and Threat Assessment and explore core market dynamics to the deepest extent possible.

This allows the right brand decisions, in terms of brand and portfolio positioning, distinct and sustainable promotional strategy and messaging, and distinctive value propositions, to be made.

Deallus Map spheres of influence

Map spheres of influence

Mapping influencers to understand key stakeholders in a specific therapy area

Deallus Optimal promotional strategy development

Optimal promotional strategy development

Identifying promotional strategy options and courses of action for the brand

Benchmarking VoC dashboard

Developing company and brand performance metrics against competitors

Deallus Modelling growth through patients

Modelling growth through patients

Predicting growth and change to forecast brand opportunities

Brand and portfolio positioning

Assessing current and potential brand or portfolio positions as compared to competitors

Beyond the pill value added initiatives

Identifying the value added services that will resonate with key stakeholders