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Asset and Portfolio Management

Deallus’ comprehensive and in-depth approach to competitive asset and portfolio lifecycle management delivers the assurance you need to make the right decisions for your NME, acquired asset, or even for an entire portfolio or business unit.

By offering reliable and resourceful analytics on a wide range of interrelated issues, including R&D activities, in-licensing and M&A, therapeutic area targeting, portfolio and indication prioritisation, lifecycle and LoE planning, and more, Deallus partners with our clients to achieve optimised value for your investments and astute ROI insights to support and maximise the performance of commercial portfolios.

Deallus Therapeutic area and commercial prospecting

Therapeutic area and commercial prospecting

Identifying the competitive landscape in order to accurately inform therapy area and commercial prospects

Deallus LoE and Peri LoE planning

LoE and Peri LoE planning

Managing and prioritising assets within a portfolio to balance resources and maximise position within a therapeutic area

Building and optimising portfolios

Interpreting opportunities for partnership, co-promotion, co-marketing, and other investments whilst holistically assessing the product lifecycle to maximise potential

Asset and portfolio evolution

Incorporating technology assessments, payer trends, and more to understand how to establish and maintain portfolio relevance

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Asset and portfolio management related insight

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Asset Evaluation

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Our client was a medium-sized pharma company interested in launching an antibiotic asset for treating pathogens with limited treatment options in Central and Southern Europe, as well as the Middle East. Their antibiotic was a particularly strong candidate for commercialization due to its novelty in tackling multi-resistant antibiotic pathogens and the extremely high unmet demands in the targeted regions. Our client engaged us to work with their business intelligence managers in order to evaluate the commercial value of the asset and to advise on the best strategic route to commercialization.

Purchasing a Pipeline

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Perils, pitfalls, and priorities in asset acquisition. In this White Paper, we will look at new and changing trends in pipeline acquisition, discuss difficulties inherent in the current marketplace, and offer worthwhile perspectives on pitfalls and opportunities based on our experience offering strategic guidance to pharmaceutical companies on a global scale.

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