Unlocking Insights at PharmaCI: A Recap from Deallus

At Deallus, we constantly strive to immerse ourselves in the latest developments and conversations within the competitive intelligence (CI) landscape. Recently, we had the privilege of attending PharmaCI in Munich, where we engaged in enriching discussions with esteemed clients, peers, and colleagues. Here’s a snapshot of our insights and observations from this dynamic event.

Embracing the Potential of AI in Competitive Intelligence

The predominant theme at PharmaCI was the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into CI strategies. Sessions were abuzz with discussions surrounding AI, automation, and efficiency gains. While there was palpable excitement about the transformative power of narrow AI tools in expediting manual tasks, a healthy dose of scepticism prevailed regarding more advanced AI solutions. At Deallus, we share this sentiment, recognising AI’s potential to streamline operations while emphasising the enduring importance of human expertise in driving meaningful analysis and strategic direction.

Guarding Against Overshadowing Core CI Principles

Amidst the fervour surrounding technical advancements, there’s a pertinent risk of neglecting the foundational principles of successful CI. At Deallus, we’ve observed that a staggering 85% of CI failures stem from lapses in planning, direction, or dissemination rather than data collection and analysis. This underscores the critical role of human interaction, communication, and strategic acumen in the CI process. We advocate for a balanced approach that prioritises hiring and nurturing individuals with strong interpersonal skills alongside technical proficiency.

Elevating the Role of CI Professionals

By prioritising human-centric skills alongside technological prowess, organisations can elevate the role and impact of CI professionals. At Deallus, we invest in cultivating critical thinkers, effective communicators, and adept people managers. This holistic approach ensures that our team is equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of CI, leveraging cutting-edge tools while remaining anchored in strategic foresight and collaborative engagement.

Navigating Macro Trends in Pharma – spotlight on China

One of the highlights of PharmaCI was the stimulating round table discussions, for me personally, particularly one around macro trends shaping the pharmaceutical industry. China emerged as a focal point, with deliberations spanning its accelerating role in R&D and innovation, as well as its commercial attractiveness for international pharma companies. While China is poised to play a pivotal role in driving global innovation through strategic partnerships and investments, complexities surrounding market access and revenue generation underscore the need for nuanced understanding, e.g. of dynamics between the private and public markets, and strategic navigation.

Continuing the Conversation

At Deallus, we remain committed to fostering thought leadership and driving impactful insights within the CI community.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into our perspectives on successful CI strategies, we invite you to explore our paper which you can read here, drawing from our two decades of experience at the forefront of the field.


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In conclusion, PharmaCI provided a platform for illuminating discussions and strategic reflections, reaffirming the importance of a balanced approach that integrates technological advancements with human expertise. As we navigate the evolving landscape of competitive intelligence, let us continue to embrace innovation while staying grounded in the enduring principles of strategic insight and collaboration.