Complete range of best-in-class strategic services

We create value across the product life cycle, from pre-clinical stages, through phases I, II and III, to launch and beyond, and right up to LoE. Our complete range of best-in-class services are built on the bedrock of our long-established and superior competitive intelligence capabilities.

Launch Optimisation

From new product launches to label extensions, our comprehensive launch optimisation expertise considers how all external environmental factors can be taken into account to make your launch plan more effective.

It is absolutely vital to understand how competitors will seek to impede your launch and shape your market, especially by influencing key stakeholders, to create an unfavourable launch environment. Deallus excels at integrating the external competitive environment into your plan to strengthen working assumptions and provide increased confidence for a clearer path forward.

Deallus Stakeholder segmentation and growth strategy

Stakeholder segmentation and growth strategy

Mapping and segmenting influential stakeholders affecting the brand

Deallus Registration requirements and timelines

Registration requirements and timelines

Understanding registrations and post registration requirements and possibilities

Deallus Launch engagement strategies

Launch engagement strategies

Developing sustained insights into the evolving dynamics of key launch markets, to ensure alignment between global and local launch strategies

Competitor analysis

Mapping the competitor landscape whilst assessing biosimilar and generic threats

Deallus Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy

Mapping and analysing competitor pricing strategies to ensure strong strategic decision makings

Opportunity and Threat Assessment

As markets become ever more complex and competition increases, the ability to properly assess opportunities and threats by truly understanding and exploiting the strategic intent of competitors is becoming more important than ever.

The service provided by Deallus strengthens your competitive strategy by revealing the hidden opportunities that exist behind market threats.

Deallus Market landscape assessment

Market landscape assessment

Therapy area landscaping to understand market dynamics and identify emerging technology and products

Deallus Treatment drivers exploration

Treatment drivers exploration

Mapping treatment decision drivers and how they change over time

Deallus Decision framework development

Decision framework development

Creating decision frameworks to cultivate tangible action plans for opportunities and threats

Deallus Product profile analysis

Product profile analysis

Developing a product profile founded upon a deep understanding of product value, positioning and patient segmentation

Competitor evaluation

Evaluating competitors based on enhanced awareness of commercial capabilities, behaviour, positioning, and R&D progressions

Deallus Market asset attractiveness

Market/asset attractiveness

Considering attractiveness for indication prioritisation, entry, and expansion

Competitive Readiness

Our competitive readiness capabilities have established Deallus as a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading life sciences companies.

Our capability-building, based on the compelling competitor and market insights we unearth, underpins client strategic decision-making, reinforces competitive mindsets and strengthens brand planning processes to enhance competitive readiness across all relevant divisions, functions and geographies.

CI manager training

Integrating competitive intelligence and the management of CI within an organisation

Deallus Training the trainer

Training the trainer

Developing internal competitive intelligence champions to drive the value of CI throughout the organisation

Building a competitive mindset

Integrating competitive insights into meaningful brand planning

Deallus Training field teams

Training field teams

Sales force training centered on developing a competitive mindset and demystifying competitive challenges

Asset and Portfolio Management

Deallus’ comprehensive and in-depth approach to competitive asset and portfolio lifecycle management delivers the assurance you need to make the right decisions for your NME, acquired asset, or even for an entire portfolio or business unit.

By offering reliable and resourceful analytics on a wide range of interrelated issues, including R&D activities, in-licensing and M&A, therapeutic area targeting, portfolio and indication prioritisation, lifecycle and LoE planning, and more, Deallus partners with our clients to achieve optimised value for your investments and astute ROI insights to support and maximise the performance of commercial portfolios.

Deallus Therapeutic area and commercial prospecting

Therapeutic area and commercial prospecting

Identifying the competitive landscape in order to accurately inform therapy area and commercial prospects

Deallus LoE and Peri LoE planning

LoE and Peri LoE planning

Managing and prioritising assets within a portfolio to balance resources and maximise position within a therapeutic area

Building and optimising portfolios

Interpreting opportunities for partnership, co-promotion, co-marketing, and other investments whilst holistically assessing the product lifecycle to maximise potential

Asset and portfolio evolution

Incorporating technology assessments, payer trends, and more to understand how to establish and maintain portfolio relevance

Brand Decision Making

When operating in markets that are especially complicated or where competition is fierce, there is often a need to go beyond our Opportunity and Threat Assessment and explore core market dynamics to the deepest extent possible.

This allows the right brand decisions, in terms of brand and portfolio positioning, distinct and sustainable promotional strategy and messaging, and distinctive value propositions, to be made.

Deallus Map spheres of influence

Map spheres of influence

Mapping influencers to understand key stakeholders in a specific therapy area

Deallus Optimal promotional strategy development

Optimal promotional strategy development

Identifying promotional strategy options and courses of action for the brand

Benchmarking VoC dashboard

Developing company and brand performance metrics against competitors

Deallus Modelling growth through patients

Modelling growth through patients

Predicting growth and change to forecast brand opportunities

Brand and portfolio positioning

Assessing current and potential brand or portfolio positions as compared to competitors

Beyond the pill value added initiatives

Identifying the value added services that will resonate with key stakeholders

Organisational Analysis

Our proven methodologies for analysing a broad spectrum of drivers helps safeguard the commercial effectiveness of your organisation against constantly evolving and ever-changing competitive market challenges.

Our class-leading expertise in analysing internal organisational and external market environments will help ensure your organisation is fit and healthy to meet any future strategic challenges.

Commercial effectiveness diagnostic

Analysing a broad spectrum of commercial effectiveness drivers and identifying competitive benchmarks, key market events, and risks

Channel preference analysis and multi-channel integration

Combining market research, social listening, and competitive intelligence to identify channel preferences

Deallus Customer engagement capability building

Customer engagement capability building

Training on advance engagement skills, with expertise in training and coaching cross-functional teams and embedding a competitive mindset

Deallus Organisation design

Organisation design

Analysing the competitive environment, customer needs, and internal capabilities to influence organisational design decisions

Deallus Social listening driving digital strategy

Social listening driving digital strategy

Utilising ‘live info’ to inform promotional tactics whilst evaluating competitors’ presence and strength across digital channels

“Deallus was appointed to help us create a market access strategy when we were planning to enter a number of key emerging markets. The insights and analysis they provided equipped us with an in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape, key stakeholders, pricing and patient flow. On top of this they conceived an invaluable strategic roadmap for entry into each market. Deallus’ contribution was certainly outstanding as they helped us successfully drive access and uptake globally.”

Director of Global Market Access, Top 20 pharma brand