Ibrahim Alqemlas, MS

Senior Consultant, London

Ibrahim holds a Master’s of Science in Biotechnology from Northwestern and a Batchelor of Science in Biotechnology from the University of Nottingham. He joined Deallus as an Associate and progressed through four positions to being a Product Manager in less than three years.

Ibrahim is experienced in multi-year monitoring engagements in several neuroscience indications and he’s proved to be a strong leader in delivering several successful deep dives and workshops across multiple geographies including the US, EU, and APAC. Over his time at Deallus Ibrahim continues to be a solid lead within our research teams, driving the completion of several white papers.

What do you consider your strengths?

  • Ambition: Ambitious not only in career progression, but in striving to provide the most insightful deliverables to clients.

  • Collaboration: I aim to be a very collaborative team member, helping where I can and stepping up when needing to.

  • Creativity: In consulting, being able to come up with creative ways of solving a client’s problem can be very useful.

What do you bring to Deallus and clients that is unique?

My technology driven mind set. By that I mean, there are a number of tools both being developed internally and those external that help optimize Dealli workflows. During my time at Deallus, I have aimed to further facilitate their usage through the Technology Tool Database, Lunch and Learns, and 1:1 sessions.

What motivates you?

  • Continuously learning something new at work and the people that I work with.
  • Life sciences has always intrigued me because over the last 100 years or so we have been able to utilize natural processes to treat and even stop diseases, which is incredible.

Life outside of work

It’s a combination of nerdy comic book stuff, like comic-cons and video games, and extreme sports, such as scuba diving, skydiving and mountain biking.

Ibrahim Alqemlas Deallus Senior Consultant


  • 3+ years in life sciences consulting
  • experienced in multi-year monitoring engagements in several neuroscience indications
  • experienced deep dives and workshops across multiple geographies

Therapy area expertise

  • neuroscience indications (e.g., bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s)
  • infectious diseases (e.g., COVID vaccines)
  • rare diseases (e.g., spastic movement disorders)
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