Organisational Analysis

Our proven methodologies for analysing a broad spectrum of drivers helps safeguard the commercial effectiveness of your organisation against constantly evolving and ever-changing competitive market challenges.

Our class-leading expertise in analysing internal organisational and external market environments will help ensure your organisation is fit and healthy to meet any future strategic challenges.

Commercial effectiveness diagnostic

Analysing a broad spectrum of commercial effectiveness drivers and identifying competitive benchmarks, key market events, and risks

Channel preference analysis and multi-channel integration

Combining market research, social listening, and competitive intelligence to identify channel preferences

Deallus Customer engagement capability building

Customer engagement capability building

Training on advance engagement skills, with expertise in training and coaching cross-functional teams and embedding a competitive mindset

Deallus Organisation design

Organisation design

Analysing the competitive environment, customer needs, and internal capabilities to influence organisational design decisions

Deallus Social listening driving digital strategy

Social listening driving digital strategy

Utilising ‘live info’ to inform promotional tactics whilst evaluating competitors’ presence and strength across digital channels

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