Maximise product value through Medical Insights

The healthcare industry is at an inflection point with constant pressure on margins and limited opportunities to maximise asset value from highly complex technologies such as CAR-T and mRNA.

Medical Insights is emerging as a transformative organisational capability within Medical Affairs that aims to capture real-world insights through medical channels and use them to maximise product and portfolio value.

At Deallus, we believe that intelligence and insights are capabilities that are continuously evolving and remain a critical element for adapting an organisation towards upcoming market events, for building resilience, driving competitive readiness, and enhancing asset strategic planning.

Typically, Medical Insights value proposition covers:

  • Harnessing cross functional capabilities to generate insights through medical channels

  • Articulation of clinical, humanistic, and financial insights to maximise product value

  • Capturing real-world insights from MSL, MI, and clinical development teams

  • Identifying evidence gaps and assess mitigation plans during strategic planning

  • Supporting evidence generation enablement and cataloging
  • Supplementing RWE data used within commercialisation through field insights and enhancing partnerships for evidence generation

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