2023 DIA China Annual Conference

George, Principal and Head of China at Deallus, recently attended the 2023 DIA China Annual Conference, which took place in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China from June 16th to 19th.

During the conference, George participated in an expert panel discussion on “Post-Marketing Medical Activities Based on Specialty Drug Pharmacy Management Platform”. George highlighted that “specialty drugs” is a term commonly used in the US market, but there is currently no equivalent term in China and therefore, the definition of specialty drug pharmacies does not exist in China. The closest concepts to this definition are “New Specialty Pharmacies” and “DTP Pharmacies”. The latter has become popular in the Chinese retail market in recent years, as it strives to add value at the retail end.

George Gu attends DIA meeting in Suzhou 2023

Regarding the development of specialty drug pharmacy management platforms in China, George made three key points: further improvement in regulations and supervision, increased professionalism in operational entities, and the full utilization of community and grassroots doctors to ensure the safety and rational use of specialty drugs by patients.

George Gu attends DIA meeting in Suzhou 2023
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