A refreshed look for Deallus

Evolution in the face of growth

Managing the consequences of change in an ever-changing world is an ongoing challenge for all successful organisations. And, as our clients’ needs have grown and developed over time, so has our company, our leadership structure, our global reach and the impressive competitive intelligence and strategic intelligence capabilities we offer.

These changes are reflected in our newly refreshed Deallus visual identity and the new strategic services we offer. Of course, and as the proverb states, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This means that while we continue to expand our services to find innovative ways of supporting our clients, competitive intelligence will remain the bedrock of our business.

So think of our brand refresh as confirming everything you already know about Deallus… and then some.

Jonas Pedersén, CEO of Deallus

Jonas Pedersén
CEO, Deallus

Jonas Pedersén, Non-Executive Director of Deallus