Yi Jin, MSc

Senior Associate, Shanghai

Yi Jin graduated from Yale University with a Master’s in Public Health, majoring in Chronic Disease Epidemiology. Prior to Yale, she got her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Medicine in China and had two years of clinical training in a hospital setting. She has also participated in several research programs in oncology, genetics, and epidemiology during the past few years. Aside from academic research experience, she worked as a primary market research intern in a large consulting firm where she contributed on many projects including medical devices and pharmaceuticals, covering a wide range of indications.

What do you consider your strengths?

First and foremost, my research skills. I have research experience in both academic and business settings. I conducted both primary and secondary research in large consulting firms quite successfully. Second, I have a solid understanding of the healthcare industry in China, which makes me confident that I can contribute meaningfully as we further establish our Shanghai presence.

Yi Jin, Deallus Associate

What do you bring to Deallus and clients that is unique?

I think my multi-disciplinary background is a strong asset for the team. My clinical training in the hospital, extensive lab experience, and internship in consultancy all build my understanding of the healthcare and life science industry. Moreover, my previous research covered a wide range of TAs and indications, so I see myself as a good fit for Deallus. We have many opportunities to do projects covering a wide range of TAs, so sometimes there will be some projects that are less familiar to us, but I think my knowledge base on medicine can help me get started and up to speed very quickly.

Background and experience

  • Master’s in public health at Yale University

  • Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Medicine

  • Two years of clinical training

Therapy area expertise

  • Oncology

  • Genetics

  • Epidemiology

  • Medical devices

  • Epidemiology

  • Chronic diseases

  • Diabetes

Deallus Shanghai

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