Steve Regan

Senior Manager, New York

What do you like about Deallus?

Even before I joined, I was impressed with Deallus’ ability to establish themselves as a market leader in a relatively short amount of time, given how long they have been in business. I’m a big fan of the sophisticated approach we utilize and the emphasis we place on strategic intelligence.

I can see Deallus’ desire to help advance competitive intelligence services as an industry within pharma and make it a critical component for our clients and I think that shows in the type of projects we do, the way we do them, and the level of enjoyment I get out of them.

What motivates you?

The metric I most enjoy using is client impact. So over the course of time, I ask myself, how is my client growing and evolving in their organization? What value are they providing to their internal clients? How can I help them with that? I also measure this by headcount in the meetings I have with my client. If I’m doing my job right, I like to see that in the form of more and more people attending our regular CI meetings, from across the broader company – the brand team, the medical team etc. When the interest level goes up, and the participation goes up, our output improves in the face of that. I love that strategic and competitive intelligence process when it’s fully executed and successfully delivers useful insights that help the client. Plus the relationship that evolves with your client because of that growth and success is really rewarding.

Steve Regan, Deallus Senior Manager, New York

Background and experience

  • 10+ years experience in pharmaceutical sales

  • Eight years experience working in competitive intelligence within life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors

Deallus New York

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