Ross Wilkinson, PhD

Senior Manager, New York

What do you like about Deallus?

For me, it’s kind of two or three things. What pulled me in in the first place is the sheer variety of what we do, supporting clients across a whole range of different therapeutic areas, across the entire product lifecycle, lots of different types of projects, different types of clients that we work with – I thrive off of that variety piece.

And the fast-paced nature of what we do attracted me as well. Besides those elements, it’s definitely the people that keep me around. We’re a really driven, passionate bunch that know how to get the job done and how to enjoy each other’s company.

Ross Wilkinson, PhD - Senior Manager at Deallus New York

Background and experience

  • 5+ years of life science consulting experience partnering closely with top 5 pharma companies

  • Strong expertise in EMEA regulatory

  • Strong understanding of EU and US markets

Therapy area expertise

  • Biosimilars

  • Oncology

  • Haemophilia

Deallus New York

Life outside of work

I love music. I play the guitar and I dabble in bass. I try to learn the drums here and there but it’s by far the hardest. I have a strong appreciation for really good and innovative songwriting – whether they’re using an instrument to make sounds you wouldn’t expect or are just coming up with interesting song structure, I have a lot of admiration for that level of creativity. Besides that, I’m British so I watch a lot of football. I also love to travel and try new experiences, especially new foods.

Authored insight

Copay Accumulator Programs & Pharma

Dynamics between pharma and the market-based healthcare sector it serves have invariably been complex, with one of the biggest drivers of that complexity being effective management of patient demand and payer systems. The newest stratagem in this push and pull is the copay accumulator program, or CAP. We take a closer look at CAPs and how they might affect your brand in the near future.

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