Phoebe Lam, PhD

Senior Consultant, Tokyo

What do you bring to Deallus and clients that is unique?

I have over ten years of experience in academia and/or research, including three years doing a postdoc and three years leading the R&D function of an Austrian pharmaceutical company. So, I have an extensive amount of research experience, and the perseverance to solve problems that comes with that, but also industry experience. I also have lived and worked across various countries in Europe, Australia and Asia, which means I have experience working in different cultures and can get into the mindset of different regions pretty quickly.

Phoebe Lam, PhD – Senior Associate, Tokyo

Background and experience

  • 3+ years as Head of R&D for an Austrian biotech company

  • Fluent in Japanese and Cantonese, intermediate language skills in Mandarin and German

Therapy area expertise

  • Oncology

  • Neuroscience

  • Gene Therapy

Deallus Tokyo

Life outside of work

I love travelling and travelled extensively when I lived in Europe. I am now starting to explore more of Asia. I really love photography and always have a camera in my hand when I’m not at work – I used to develop my own film as well but that became too time consuming as my career picked up. And I love stationery, and I’m in stationery heaven since I’ve come to Japan!

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