Phoebe Jarvis, BA

Consultant, London

Phoebe is a London-based Consultant who joined Deallus as an Associate in 2020 after gaining a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. During her studies, Phoebe contributed to consulting projects across life sciences strategy as well as in retail branding and marketing.

Since joining Deallus, Phoebe has successfully managed and delivered a wide range of engagements for top-tier pharmaceutical clients across various therapeutic areas including neuroscience, ophthalmology, and renal and metabolic diseases. Her recent focus has involved partnering with clients to develop robust strategic initiatives across the full spectrum of digital health.

What do you consider your strengths?

I have a naturally optimistic mindset and actively look for opportunities to allow our clients to succeed on their objectives. I bring experience in consolidating insights across an organization to unite stakeholders on their strategic objectives and to enable them to successfully execute them.

I value quality over quantity to ensure project delivery is a smooth and consistent experience for our clients. As part of this, I recognize the importance of learning and development and invest heavily in my teams to ensure project success.

Lastly, I think my technical knowledge of the digital health space allows me to position my teams as valuable thought partners and distil the ‘so what’ for clients. I am genuinely excited and passionate about the potential of digital health to make a meaningful difference to patient lives and hope that I can contribute to make this a reality.

Phoebe Jarvis Deallus Consultant London

Background and experience

  • 3+ years in consulting
  • Commercial strategy
  • CI monitoring, deep-dives and landscape assessments

  • Conference coverage
  • Competitor simulation workshops
  • Project management

Therapy area expertise

  • Neuroscience
  • Ophthalmology
  • Renal Disease
  • Digital Health
Deallus London Office

Life outside of work

I am a bookworm and enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction – especially on holiday! I am also a foodie with a passion for travelling around Europe and visiting new restaurants.

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