Lisa Kent, PhD

Consultant, London

Why did you join Deallus?

I really wanted to work within competitive intelligence and Deallus has a solid reputation as a competitive intelligence company, so that was one big thing that influenced my decision to join. Since I’ve been a part of the company, another element that I’ve enjoyed is its size. Having worked in both a small and a really large organization, I really loved that the flat structure here. You can approach anyone at any level, and I love the friendly and supportive environment. I feel very valued here and I think that the company really invests in its employees. You can tell Deallus wants its employees to develop and excel.

What motivates you?

Improving the lives of patients. While this doesn’t seem obvious through being in consulting, I believe that the competitive nature of the pharma industry is what drives innovation. Whilst we’re not working with patients on the front line, we help to drive new drugs to market and expand existing drugs into new therapeutic areas and expanding market access. This ultimately improves the lives of millions of patients. One thing I learnt during my PhD is that you could have the best drug in the world but if you don’t have a well-thought-out plan to get it to market then it’s never going to reach any patient. The business side needs to be put in place to drive the development and the market entry of life-changing drugs to patients. So, we’re essentially contributing to what these companies can do for patients.

Lisa Kent, PhD is a Deallus Senior Associate, London

Background and experience

  • 3+ years experience in pharma sector, including 2+ years consulting and a year working inhouse for a large German pharmaceutical company

  • PhD, Cancer Drug Development

Therapy area expertise

  • Oncology

  • Immunology

Deallus London Office

Authored insight

COVID-19, China, and Telemedicine

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt normalcy across the globe, China is responding with innovation in online health delivery and telemedicine. How has China encouraged telemedicine uptake? What are the factors contributing to China’s relatively quick utilization of telemedicine in the face of COVID-19? And what learnings can we gain from taking a closer look? We explore these questions in our latest addition to our COVID-19+Pharma Series.

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