Jennifer Cummins

Strategic Advisor

What drew you to partnering with Deallus?

I have worked alongside Deallus for well over 12 years now and I am constantly impressed by the talented, enthusiastic, and strategic minds they bring to the table. Shine Advise and Deallus share a lot of common ‘corporate DNA’ with a focus on bringing insights to life using a strategic consulting skill set. So from my perspective, this partnership is a perfect fit.

What motivates you?

At heart, I am a naturally curious person and I love the opportunity to pick apart issues and solve problems. I have been genuinely lucky to find a career that allows me to indulge my passion for biology while supporting strategic development. People and organisations are endlessly fascinating to me, and the chance to go behind the scenes of some of the world’s most impactful life science players is a real privilege!

Jennifer Cummins, Deallus Strategic Advisor

Background and experience

  • 15+ years consulting and leadership experience in pharmaceuticals

  • Extensive experience in delivering strategic insights to support decision making across competitor action monitoring, market trends, future forecasting, and more

  • Strong analytical and consulting capabilities

  • Founder of Shine Advise

Deallus Global

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