Haoyu Liu, MSc

Senior Associate, Shanghai

Why did you join Deallus?

I think what attracted me most is the flat structure in Deallus. Even from the core level as a beginner, if you try, you can still engage in lots of different types of work and get the opportunities that you might not get from a larger organization. I think Deallus is offering me a fantastic opportunity to grow alongside its goals to further develop a presence in Shanghai and the China market.

What do you consider your strengths?

I am skilled in math and quantitative research, so I would be happy to deal with number-related tasks. I am also a considerate and detailed person, which makes me a good team member and readily available to help anyone in need. Lastly, I am very keen to develop new knowledge bases and solve problems, which makes me always ready to face new challenges.

Haoyu Liu, Msc Deallus Associate, Shanghai, China

Background and experience

  • Master’s in Public Health, Biostatistics

  • Bachelor’s in Biotechnology

Therapy area expertise

  • Oncology

  • Microbiome

  • Chronic disease

Deallus Shanghai

Life outside of work

Outside of work, I love traveling! I’m looking forward to exploring Africa and South America if possible! I also enjoy movies and drama plays, especially feature films. I watched an extensive amount of them during school and have always been a loyal audience for any international festival. Recently, I also developed an interest in exercising/HIIT, which I find very relaxing.

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