Flora Tian

Senior Consultant, Shanghai

What do you consider your strengths?

I am bringing over nine years of industry experience, with a profound understanding of China healthcare dynamics and macro-trends, to the Deallus team. I believe that my knowledge base and client relationship expertise will prove useful to those I partner with. In addition, project management as well as primary and secondary research are some of my key strengths. And finally, I have a talent for developing new methodologies as needed in order to solve a problem or answer a question, which is critical for a new market.
Flora Tian, Deallus Senior Consultant, China

Background and experience

  • 4+ years of commercial consulting services in healthcare

  • 5+ years of consulting team experience for a strategic marketing group

Therapy area expertise

  • PsA

  • Immunology

  • T2DM

  • Multiple Myeloma

Deallus Shanghai

Life outside of work

I am currently learning first-hand how to be a good mother. I enjoy time spent with family very much, as well as reading, spending time with friends, and traveling to new locations.

Authored insight

COVID-19, China, and Telemedicine

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt normalcy across the globe, China is responding with innovation in online health delivery and telemedicine. How has China encouraged telemedicine uptake? What are the factors contributing to China’s relatively quick utilization of telemedicine in the face of COVID-19? And what learnings can we gain from taking a closer look? We explore these questions in our latest addition to our COVID-19+Pharma Series.

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