Christoph Boehmer, MBA

Non-Executive Director

What do you and ArchiMed bring to Deallus?

I would say firstly it’s our network; over the years we’ve been able to bring in people with varied specialized skill sets to help develop elements of Deallus’ strategy and provide support and mentoring to their leadership team.

Secondly, experience in growing and running businesses, taking an outside perspective but with industry knowledge and experience, and applying that to challenges, both short and long-term.

Background and experience

  • 10+ years at McKinsey & Co, consulting across a variety of industries including telecoms, defence, and defence electronics

  • 12+ years at Biotronik, a leading Med Device company, as Managing Director

  • Operating Partner, ArchiMed

Life outside of work

I have what I call a second and third wing of activity and of excitement outside of work. The older one of those being my agricultural interests: farming, forestry, running, and owning the equipment that comes along with it. In addition, I’ve developed a more recent passion for supporting refugees in my hometown and beyond: helping what has become a three-digit number of individuals myself; working with several hundred volunteers helping to run a local citizens’ initiative focused on the particular topic of refugee support; and, in a way, turning refugees into citizens.

Christoph Boehmer Deallus Chairman and Partner ArchiMed
Deallus Global

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