Aditi Joshi, MSc

Senior Consultant, London

How did you become interested in consulting and life sciences?

I’m a twin and because of that I’ve been in involved in scientific studies since I was an infant, all the way up to age 21. So, it’s something that’s always been in my life and I think influenced my inclination towards biology, genetics, and life sciences. Then to couple that with consulting had a lot of practicality that appealed to me.

I love that there’s a very clear problem and we drive the process of trying to develop the best solution in response to it. It’s unlike academia, where things are relatively slow-paced and what you’re working on can feel abstract to the real world. I love creating tangible and actionable solutions, and the pace of consulting life is also very exciting to me. I’m never bored!

What motivates you?

I can be a bit of a dog with a bone when my curiosity is piqued. And there have been a few times where that relentless digging has produced some interesting insights in the end, so I think that’s worth mentioning. I also thrive off of being a part of team/working together to find a solution, and the comradery that comes with it really motivates me to contribute my best work. I really enjoy that I can often see the impact our projects are making. Client feedback alone is incredibly motivating but it’s also motivating to know that whatever you find or do may impact some pretty important decisions that are being made. So, there’s this very clear link between what you’re doing and the outcome.

Aditi Joshi Deallus Senior Associate, based in London

Background and experience

  • 2+ years consulting experience at Deallus

  • Bachelors in Biology

  • Masters in Biology

Therapy area expertise

  • Regulatory

  • Biosimilars

Deallus London Office

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