Eugénie Joanny
Eugénie JoannyPrincipal, New York
Education: PhD in Clinical Medicine Research

Eugénie has been with Deallus for over 6 years and has an impressive background in both neuroendocrinology and auto-immune disorders. During her time at Deallus, Eugénie has led numerous projects centered on competitive readiness, with a focus on delivering critical and bespoke insights to key Industry clients. In particular, many of Eugenie’s projects have supported top in-market brands within chronic and auto-immune diseases, as well as vaccines and pipeline areas with critical unmet needs.

Eugénie’s strong analytical, management and facilitation skills have enabled her to lead clients, projects and teams across the breadth of our services. She has designed, led, and facilitated an extensive number of competitive simulation workshops and competitive readiness training courses since being a part of Deallus.