Episode 1: Navigating Market Disruption After COVID-19

Discussion series featuring Dr. Rita Numerof and Peter Hempshall

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 11:00 EST

COVID-19 has affected every corner of the healthcare industry. The pandemic has accelerated market shifts that were already in play, disrupting current business models. It will dramatically alter how pharma business is done in the future. Organizations will need to think and act differently when it comes to product development, commercialization, and competitive differentiation.

Join Deallus CEO Peter Hempshall and Numerof & Associates President and Co-Founder Dr. Rita Numerof as they delve into how business models must transform in the face of major disruption. Peter and Rita will explore how the pandemic and other market forces are fundamentally altering the rules of competition for pharma manufacturers and, they will highlight solutions for successfully moving forward. Executives looking for practical advice on how to respond to COVID-19 as well as cutting-edge insights for longer-term business strategies will value this thought-provoking discussion.

Following the conversation, the hosts will take questions from the audience. Questions can be submitted at any time during the discussion through the Zoom platform.

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Pete Hempshall Deallus CEO
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About the speakers

About Rita Numerof and Numeroff & Associates

Rita E. Numerof, PhD, President of Numerof & Associates, is an internationally recognized consultant and author with more than 30 years of experience in the field of strategy development and execution, business model design, and market analysis. Numerof works globally with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, payers, and providers to develop and implement strategic solutions responsive to today’s dynamic business environment. Numerof helps their clients meet the challenges of development and commercialization – including strategy, market access, health economics, stakeholder analysis and value narrative development, and market evaluation.

About Peter Hempshall and Deallus

Peter Hempshall is a career consultant and business leader. Over the past twelve years, Peter has successfully led a series of global companies and strategic business units, specializing in competitive intelligence; business insights; commercial strategy and market access. Peter cut his teeth in business strategy and leadership during the financial crisis of 2008. He became CEO of Deallus, a life sciences consulting firm with a strong heritage in competitive intelligence, in 2019. Deallus works closely with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in order to offer thought partnership and strategic intelligence that shapes and refines strategies for competitive advantage.

Upcoming topics in this discussion series:

A look at what’s ahead in the Navigating Market Disruption series:

  • Maneuvering complex change in clinical trials

  • Building supply chain capabilities for the changing marketplace

  • The long-term impacts of COVID-19 on commercial models and manufacturer relationships